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Why a Mini-Internship?


A mini-internship could be called the ultimate community relations tool.  It brings doctors and community opinion leaders together in a one-on-one setting, and offers an insider’s view of medical professionals in action.  This unique experience benefits the doctors, the interns, and the medical society.


Fill Out an Application for the Upcoming Mini Internship

Rationale and Rules

Photos and Quotes from Previous Interns 

Advantage to Doctors


  1. Promotes better understanding between doctors and the community – especially the community opinion leaders who serve as interns.
  2. Renews doctors’ enthusiasm for medicine.
  3. Gets doctors more involved with the community.
  4. Gives doctors community resources they didn’t have before.



Advantages to the Interns


  1. Gives a behind the scenes look at the medical profession.
  2. Lets interns personally experience a doctor’s world.
  3. Allows doctors and interns to learn from each other.
  4. Shows intern the human side of doctors.
  5. Gives leaders and opinion makers resources to rely on when making critical decisions on health care.



Advantages to the Medical Society


  1. Helps your medical society market its services to members.
  2. Spotlights the professionalism of your society’s staff.
  3. Gets members involved in society activities.
  4. Helps attract new members.
  5. Costs less than most community relations projects, and consistently receives excellent results.