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Washoe County Medical Society

What is the Washoe County Medical Society?

The Washoe County Medical Society is a non-profit entity incorporated in the state of Nevada. The Washoe County Medical Society is commonly referred to as “WCMS”.

The Washoe County Medical Society serves as a primary source of health related information, we seek to educate our members and the citizens of Northern Nevada. We strive to maintain the highest standard of ethics and medical care throughout our community.

As a professional organization, we shall nurture these goals by cooperating with the American Medical Association, the Nevada State Medical Association, and other County Medical Societies and Alliances in the state of Nevada.


Benefit Highlights

Coldwell Banker’s Select Employer Plan Open to WCMS Members

WCMS members, their employees and family members are now eligible to participate in Coldwell Banker’s Select Employer Plan. The plan offers a range of discounts and special lending programs including:

Program Summary:

  • Combined credits up to 1% of purchase price to escrow for selling or buying; residential, commercial, vacant land, or investment property
  • Eligible parties include; members, staff, assistants, family members (mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of anyone associated directly with a physician who is a WCMS member
  • Three title companies to choose from; First American, TICOR, Western Title of Northern NV
  • Up to half a point of any loan closed in a refinance transaction
  • If a cooperating builder partner is used in the purchase of a home…an additional credit of up to 1% is available and added to the credits above.
  • Six lenders to choose from; Stanford Home Loans, Caliber Home Loans, Guild Mortgage, US Bank, Alpen Mortgage and Wells Fargo.
  • Coldwell Banker agents reduce significantly their compensation to credit your escrow at time of closing.

Lender Summary:

  • UNR Medical School residents eligible for preferred loans
  • Up to $2 million
  • 95% loan with no MI (Mortgage Insurance)
  • 90% loan up to $3 million with no MI
  • Vacant land loans
  • Construction loans
  • Loan assistance programs
  • Grants

Title Summary:

  • Discounts for first time home buyer
  • Discounts for escrow services
  • Discounts for title insurance

Verification of eligibility is required. To create an account and determine eligibility go to: For more information, contact Jim Davis, 775-351-7445,


Member Spotlight

Dr. Hardwick, Cambodia Outreach

Dr. Wayne Hardwick. with Cambodian medical students

A Unique Man, with an Incredible Passion

Wayne Hardwick, MD, is an emergency room doctor. He has 44 years of experience and he is board certified in emergency medicine. Dr. Hardwick graduated from Emory School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Louisville School of Medicine

When Dr. Wayne Hardwick was in school, he studied chemical engineering. At the time there was no such thing as emergency room doctors, or else he would have been studying to become one. After being enlisted into the service for a few years during the Vietnam war, Dr. Hardwick realized he had a passion for helping people. It was at this time when he decided to pursue a career in emergency medicine. With a lot of hard work and determination, Dr. Hardwick was able to make this goal a reality.

Dr. Hardwick realized he had the ability to help others effectively, and personally funded a recent medical mission trip to Cambodia. Dr. Hardwick states, “Helping the less fortunate in Cambodia was worth far more than any luxury vacation.”

Dr. Hardwick and other medical professionals were in Cambodia 10 days helping 1,000 patients a day, for about 10 hours a day. The patients he saw were incredibly poor children, and adults, whom many were farmers. While he was there his focus for the patients was primary care, not necessarily emergency medicine. This meant that he treated aches and pains, prescribed antibiotics if necessary, and cared for a few minor injuries.

Dr. Hardwick genuinely cares about people and would rather put his skills/ knowledge to use, instead of sitting back and wait for someone else to help. This is one reason why he is such an incredible doctor. Even though the living conditions had issues with the water and electricity, and the working conditions were not the best, Dr. Hardwick loved every second of the trip and considers this trip to be one of the most satisfying activities he has ever done. Dr. Hardwick has just signed up for another clinic through the University of Nevada Reno System. The clinic will be held in the Dominican Republic during the last two weeks of June.

Dr. Hardwick also has volunteered at Burning Man for several years in the past. He finds it more entertaining to work in the clinic, rather than to hang out on the playa.

There are many factors that make a doctor great, and Dr. Hardwick carries all of them. One skill that is needed in order to be successful is the ability to pay close attention to details and to respond accordingly when situations arise. Dr. Hardwick states that “attention deficit is an asset in the emergency room”. Being an emergency room doctor is a very fast paced  profession, and there is no time to dwell on one thing. Dr. Hardwick can do this extremely well, and this is one reason why he is so good at what he does.

Another attribute that is needed to be an outstanding doctor is the ability to maintain an effective and appropriate communication style with coworkers and patients. Clear communication is necessary in this profession in order to be successful. Dr. Hardwick describes his communication style as, “calm, personable, and modest”.

These are two characteristics that truly make Dr. Hardwick such a wonderful doctor. Dr. Hardwick’s advice to undergraduate college students is, “have a passion for what you do, and don’t let money be your guide.”

Information regarding the organization –
Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America | CHPAA
930 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813, USA.

(562) 269-5658

Thank you for sponsoring our 2019 annual meeting.


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