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Washoe County Medical Society

About Washoe County Medical Society

Founded in 1906, the Washoe County Medical Society (WCMS) provides advocacy for physicians and patients. We promote the art and science of medicine and public health. Serving as a primary source of health-related information, we seek to educate our members and the citizens of northern Nevada. We strive to maintain the highest standard of ethics and medical care throughout our community. Membership is open to licensed physicians and physician assistants.


About Sierra Medical Political Action Committee

Sierra Medical Political Action Committee (SIMPAC) selects federal political candidates and to endorse and recommends them to the physician membership. Endorsements reflect candidate’s knowledge and/or position regarding timely health issues as they pertain to the physicians of Washoe County and their patients.  Thus, candidates of either major political party may be endorsed accordingly. Funds are raised on a voluntary basis from the membership and no committee funds, or donations are derived from membership dues.

Washoe County Medical Society Advocating for quality care for all Nevadans