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Washoe County Medical Society

Good Evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Honored Guests!

Thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate another year of collaborative community healthcare. The Washoe County Medical Society has long partnered with local organizations and will continue to work closely with the healthcare leaders in our community. This past year we continued the tradition of meeting with the leadership of each of the major hospitals in our community, adding the VA this year. We strengthened our partnership with UNR at our 2nd annual Bartley Ranch Family Picnic to help the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra. We also had more opportunities for physician social engagement than any previous years, including the Eddy downtown where several UNR medical students joined in the festivities.

Despite all the progress this year, there is still much work left to be done. WCMS debuted its re-vitalized website, which looks amazing. But the database, a critical tool for the success of the society, has been slower to launch. In the near future you can expect to receive an e-mail notifying you of your personal database. Please take the 10 minutes or so to update and fill in any incomplete information. This will allow you to receive important text message reminders the day of CMEs, social networking events, and critical political action updates directly related to your own district.

Finally, I would like to greatly thank my immediate past president and friend Andy Pasternack, IV, for all his help this year. I also must express my sincere appreciation to the officers, board of directors, committee chairs and members who volunteer their time to help our organization succeed. A heartfelt thank you to Mary Ann and Wendy for an amazing job this past year. Thanks to my partners at Reno Diagnostic Centers. Lastly, I would like to thank the most important person in my life, my wife, Diane. She is so much smarter than me and has sacrificed her career for the benefit of my career and our family.

Thank You and Good Luck Reed!

WCMS Swanger Past President and Dopf President

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