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Washoe County Medical Society

2019 President's Speech

We have some great momentum that I’m lucky to have inherited. Ron has led with energy and enthusiasm. His friendliness makes people comfortable, then he dazzles with a new MBA to seal the deal. Yes, Dr. Swanger completed his MBA in 2018, as our society president, exceptional radiologist and full time father of four boys. Quite a bar to set.

My family is here this evening. My beautiful partner Marcio Decker, my lovely mother Gloria, sister Cara, my best friends Dr. Brandi and Mr. Anthony Kindig, wise counselor Aaron Fricke, my mentor Dr. Steven Phillips…so many others. You make life rich, the reason for all the hard work.

I’ll add my thanks to Ron’s in recognizing our 2018 board and committees for their contribution to our momentum. I especially want to thank Sherrie Hald and Hardeep Dhindsa as they complete their terms. It has been a pleasure serving with you.

Welcome to our incoming board members Bayo Curry-Winchell, Tom Christensen, Christine Lajeunesse and Ali Nairizi. Your energy, guidance and expertise will be wonderful additions in 2019.

This year, we will continue to increase the educational and networking opportunities for our members and their colleagues—our prospects. We plan to hold four large member events, including the popular Bartley Ranch family picnic. In February we’re starting monthly happy hours at the Renaissance in the Shore Room. These will be informal gatherings with a focus on promoting WCMS to our non-member colleagues.

We will further engage our core members, in collaboration with our student and resident physicians. Maintaining momentum from 2018, when we added board positions for medical student and resident physicians. Their perspectives are invaluable, their input is key in helping to establish goals for future society endeavors. Last year, were able to have two student delegates participate in the NSMA House of Delegates. Thank you, Dr. Morgan and the team at Sierra Neurosurgery for providing generous financial support to make that happen. One of our guest columnists in the Communicator is Anita Savell, a second-year medical student, sharing her journey through undergraduate medical education. Her musings bring back fond memories for all of us. We will continue to use these collaborations with the School of Medicine and other professional organizations to increase our CME offerings in 2019.

We will soon share details of our corporate dues package, an idea brought forward under Ron’s leadership and key to obtaining membership fees from our largest partner groups. But I ask that we take from this room a commitment for each of us to bring one new member this year. The endorsement of a peer is far more valuable than any ad, email or brochure that may cross your desk. So, I challenge each of you to bring in a member and help that person get engaged.

Reed Dopf President
Reed Dopf President with Dog

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