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Washoe County Medical Society

Call For Delegates to the NSMA Annual Meeting

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The NSMA house of delegates is the forum for us to present and debate the ideas, concerns, and issues that affect our daily work lives and the health of all Nevadans, to set policies and give direction to our lobbyists and our representatives to the AMA to put those ideas and issues into action on the state and federal levels. This is a particularly important meeting for our interests to be forwarded to and heard by our legislators during Nevada Legislative session. If you want to have your say regarding any other issues, you need to PARTICIPATE!

WCMS Bylaws changes now require interested physicians to volunteer to participate as delegates and alternate delegates for the County delegation to he annual NSMA meeting to be held at The Row, Reno NV. For more information on NSMA’s annual meeting please visit

This year, both delegates and alternate delegates are encouraged to participate in the House of Delegates meeting, to bring forth ideas, comments, opinions, and resolutions regarding resolutions brought to the house of delegates; however, each county society is only allotted a finite number or delegates for votes. Alternate delegates will be “seated as delegates” when necessary to fill our quota for votes, to maximize our voice and allow for as much participation as possible.

Sign-ups by email for our delegation positions start today and will be on a “first come” basis to fill our allowed number of delegates and alternates.

If you have a gripe, a concern, or an idea about how government, hospitals, other doctors, insurers, etc affect your practice, or about how to better serve your patients, now is the time to get involved and be heard at the NSMA house of delegates.

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