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Washoe County Medical Society

Sierra Medical Political Action Committee (SIMPAC)

The Sierra Medical Political Action Committee (SIMPAC) is the political action committee for WCMS. SIMPAC pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation. SIMPAC membership is open to any northern Nevada physician, the physician’s spouse, members of the physician’s immediate family and others as approved by the SIMPAC Board of Directors.  Membership shall be on a calendar year basis. SIMPAC’s officers are: Ronald Smith, M.D., co-chair; Wayne Hardwick, M.D., co-chair, and Ralph Coppola, M.D., treasurer.

Ron Swanger, M.D.; Charles Price, M.D.; Tim O’Mara, M.D.; Joseph Brandt, M.D.; Steve Parker, M.D., and Andy Pasternak, M.D., become the charter members of a major donor group for NEMPAC and SIMPAC.
Ron Smith, M.D., President of the NEMPAC and SIMPAC Boards (left) greets Richard Perkins, President, The Perkins Company, NSMA’s lobbying firm.