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Washoe County Medical Society

Washoe County Medical Society Strategic Plan Dashboard

Objective One:

Increase membership by 5% a year for the next five years for a total of 576 members by 2022.

Strategy One A: Continue to support independent physicians through continuing education, networking and mentoring opportunities both face-to-face and virtually.

Update: Collaborating with UNR Reno School of Medicine, NSMA and others to develop CME programming. Four offered to date.

Strategy One B: Position WCMS as the organization for networking, mentoring and continuing education opportunities for employed physicians both face-to-face and virtually.

Update: Four networking events held.

Strategy One C: Improve communication channels with members and prospects so that they engage with WCMS on a regular basis.

Update: Newsletter redesigned, E-blasts redesigned, web site redesigned, new database in development.

Objective Two:

Grow net income by year-end 2019 through at least 5 new sources of non-dues revenue.

Strategy Two A: Explore and establish alternative sources of revenue.

Update: Created annual sponsorship package (one annual to date), web sponsorships, directory subscriptions.

Strategy Two B: Reduce overhead through improved productivity and more effective use of technology.

Update: Banking online. Software updated for allow shared files and remote access. Reduced office supply expenditures by eliminating overbuying of unnecessary items.

Objective Three:

Align the infrastructure and operational processes of WCMS by mid-year 2018.

Strategy Three A: Evaluate and restructure the administrative operations of WCMS.

Update: Revised employee handbook, bylaws, financial policies and procedures. Created new operational policies and procedures. Stopped paper duplication of electronic financial procedures.

Strategy Three B: Reduce overhead through improved productivity and more effective use of technology.

Update:  Share IT services with NNEP and NSMA cutting costs by two thirds.

Strategy Three C: Evaluate, and as needed, restructure board and committee roles.

Update: Eliminated ethics committee. Holding joint meetings with NSMA for medical practice, allied public health and governmental affairs. Combined WCMS membership and public relations.